Dog Trainer in New Orleans

Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana offers New Orleans dog owners the ultimate service: a well-trained, obedient dog. Whether your dog is a puppy or has severe aggression issues, you’ve come to the right place. Our trainers are adept at teaching dogs of all breeds to sit, lie down, roll over, and be the furry companion they’re meant to be.

To learn more about our comprehensive dog training services, drop us a line at (985) 345-3911.


Comprehensive Dog Training Services

With over 25 years of experience, Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana has earned a reputation as the leading dog training academy in New Orleans. We stand out for our customized training solutions that approach your animals with the respect and love that they deserve. We’re pleased to provide our clients with a wide variety of dog training classes, including (but not limited to):

  • Aggression management
  • Anxiety management
  • Puppy training
  • Obedience training
  • Service dog training
  • Board and train programs
  • Private in-home lessons
  • And much more!

Our Professional Dog Trainers

Our clients call us dog whisperers. We simply call ourselves dog-lovers with lots and lots of practice. At Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana, we employ only the very best, most experienced trainers with a passion for continual learning and improvement.

Read more about our team members’ certifications and bios on our Meet the Team page.

Obedience Dog Training

From house-training mishaps to leash pulling, owning a dog isn’t always a walk in the park. Our obedience classes are an excellent method for learning basic commands and proper handling techniques. We’ll custom your dog’s training your dog’s unique needs. Plus, we’ll teach you, the owner, time tested and proven tools and techniques to communicate more effectively with your dog.

Our positive reinforcement and motivational dog training methods make learning (and obedience) fun.

Aggression Dog Training

One of our specialties is dealing with dogs with aggression and anxiety issues. We understand how frustrating it can be to constantly be on alert when you’re in public with your dog. Reigning in your pets’ aggressive tendencies can be time-consuming and downright exhausting.

Dogs are complex creatures—they have feelings and habits just like humans do. At Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana, we get down to the source of the issue. For example, often, barks, snaps, and growls are indicative of fear. Our specialists are well-versed in identifying the underlying cause of bad behavior. From there, we can heal their temperaments and help them build new habits and skills. We can also coach dog owners to identify basic dog body language and theory to help you better understand your canine.

Dog Training that Works

The bottom line is, our dog training works. Discover the life-changing benefits of an obedient, calm, and affectionate dog. We know you love your dog, but you’ll love your dog even more after they’ve been trained at Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana.

Drop us a line today for more information on our training classes and prices. We look forward to hearing from you.