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If you’re looking to curb your dog’s aggressive tendencies while also strengthening your bond with them, look no further than Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana. You’re not just another customer when you work with us, you’re a fellow canine-loving community member! Call us at (985) 345-3911 today.

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If your canine companion is a little skittish, yappy, or wary of strangers, you probably feel a little uncomfortable going to public parks or other spaces. You might even find yourself second-guessing having visitors enter your home.

When your dog is aggressive, these are the kinds of scenarios you can find yourself in. You begin to navigate your entire life so as to avoid your dog’s stressors and aggression-triggers. You do this because it is the path of least resistance. But as you learn over time, this is merely a taxing way of avoiding your troubles.

That’s where we come in. With over 25 years of experience in dog training, we’re the team for you.

The Dog Trainers Who Treat Aggression with Compassion

Our dog trainers can address issues related to dominance, aggression, anxiety, lack of domestic structure, and more.

That said not all trainers take the same approach. Our team only resorts to methods long proven to be effective. Our tactics are rooted in assistance and encouragement. At Top Dog Training Academy of Louisiana our dog training methods are successful and compassionate.

Professional Trainers Who Specialize in Aggressive Dog Training

Dogs are often aggressive towards strangers because they’re only trying to be protective of you and themselves. Other times, it is because they suffer from high levels of anxiety. Then of course there are cases where dogs have asserted themselves as the dominant alpha in a relationship and think they’re capable of controlling every situation.

Whatever the reason, we can help your aggressive puppy. What’s more, we can help you. We’ll teach you how to properly communicate with your dog and how to establish clear-defined boundaries. With those skills, your dogs’ old bad habits will soon be undone.

Is Your Dog Barking Aggressively at Every Turn?

Some dogs bark more than others. While barking is a natural part of a dog’s existence and shouldn’t be silenced forever, dogs ought not to bark all the time, and every dog should learn to stop barking on command.

The Board N’ Train Program: A New Approach to Dog Training Classes

Dog training requires diligence on your part as well. For some owners, it is too much for their busy schedule to handle. Rather than have you come back to our facilities on a regular basis for training sessions, we offer an intensive two-week training program called the Board N’ Train Program. You drop your dog off with us, and when you return, your dog will be trained, and happy to see you!

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