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At Top Dog Training Academy we provide QUALITY training for your dog offering a safe and trusted service you will want to recommend. We also take immense pride in the training that we provide to you and your dog. We have what it takes to make sure that your dog receives the care, attention and training it deserves.

For some dog trainers, training your dog is just a job. For us, it is very different. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other dog training companies and is one of the main reasons why dog owners continue to choose us as their dog trainers of choice. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work in such a rewarding environment, and we know that the loving atmosphere that we provide will leave your dog feeling on top of the world.

For us, the health and well-being of our clients' dogs is what is most important to us and we work hard every day to ensure that the high standards we set for our wide range of services continue to be met. We also keep detailed written reports of every animal that we train. This way, we can modify our services depending on your dog's unique requirements.

MIKE, Owner/Senior Trainer

Hi I'm "Mike The Dog Trainer", that's what everyone calls me. I have been raising, handling & training animals for 25+ years. I have worked and competed with horses winning many medals in my time riding. I was a competitive pigeon racer, which I hold some titles in. And BEST of all... I train dogs!! This is my dream job... MY PASSION!

A quote I always say and live by is... "Do what you LOVE and you will NEVER work a day in your life." Well, here I am...LIVING THE DREAM!

I work with all breeds, sizes, ages and levels of obedience such as puppies, basic, advanced, emotional support, therapy, service dog, and my favorite... Aggression! This is what I am best known for! I love working with dogs who have anxiety and/or aggression issues because I want to give the dog a quality of life to enjoy. I love seeing them overcome their issues and become more confident and trusting of others. There is nothing like seeing my clients be able to take their once aggressive dog out into the world without any future problems. Schedule an evaluation with me today!

TYLER, Senior Trainer

I have had a passion for working with dogs ever since I began training them out of high school; I graduated from Hahnville High School in 2015 and have studied psychology at the University of New Orleans, training dogs along the way.

I am all about getting the best results out of any dog I encounter and helping each and every dog owner out there. With my love for dogs, I am constantly wanting to work with any four-legged companion and striving to create an unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners. Get your dog the training they deserve!

ASHLYN, Senior Trainer

Hello everyone! My name is Ashlyn. I have 8 furrbabies! 6 dogs. 2 cats. I graduated from Nichols State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2017.

I was a client before I became a trainer. My interest in the world of dog training grew tremendously while working along side the owner training my own gang! I love having the opportunity to change the lives of not only the dogs, but the families who love them unconditionally!

My passion is rescue! I have rescued all 8 of my furrchildern! They each have their own rescue story, and steal my heart over and over again every single day! I volunteer with Spaymart Kitten Rescue. Between fostering and cleaning kennels, when they call I'm there!

Top Dog Training Academy has allowed me to live my dream every single day of my life and I couldn't be more grateful!

PAUL, Trainer Assistant

AMANDA, Trainer Assistant

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